This is another improved version of the old RIAA amplifier. This one is optimized for +20dB at 20 Hz and -20dB at 20 kHz keeping

0dB at 1 kHz. Output impedance is high and should be followed with my line amplifier which has cathode follower

input, it cannot drive cables so keep it together with a line amplifier. If you have low input impedance, add a cathode follower like
the output of my line amplifier. The output stage could also be replaced with a SRPP or mu-follower. Output 0.95V at 4mV in.


I have done some more tweaks. Change R6/R16 to 120k and R8/R18 to 160k. This will tweak the curve even closer to 19.3dB

at 20 kHz and -19.6dB at 20 kHz. Simulation shows 19.7dB at 20 kHz and -19.7dB at 20 kHz. Thatís not too bad with E24

resistors. Further tweaks can be done, adjust the 20 Hz point with R6/R16 and the 20 kHz point with C3/C7.

The low frequency rolloff is 4.2 Hz with 120uF decoupling capacitors.


Link to simulation plot of the version on the schematic before tweaks.

Link to full size image